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Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.
James L. Turner - Portfolio - VetVIRRS

Portfolio: VetVIRRS

July 24, 2019 -

Challenge Build a website that allows veterinarians to securely transfer x-rays for expert interpretation. This project involved two major components – the public facing website which describes the services and a private (member-only) section where clients can share and gather more detailed information. Veterinary Intraoral Radiology…

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James L. Turner - Portfolio - Kitchen Door Meals

Portfolio: Kitchen Door Meals

February 15, 2016 -

Challenge Upgrade an existing e-commerce website. This upgrade also entailed changing web hosts, business email configuration, and transferring product and customer databases. Approach Working closely with Kitchen Door Meals, together we reviewed several shopping cart systems – comparing the features each had to offer. Once…

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James L. Turner - Portfolio - Trimet

Portfolio: TriMet

October 14, 2013 -

Challenge Build a new landing site for TriMet’s “Name the Bridge” campaign. This project involved the initial design and launch of a mini-website. After the initial build and launch, the ongoing maintenance and updates was returned to TriMet’s in-house team. This campaign began in 2013…

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James L. Turner - Web & Graphic Design - Portfolio - Ecova

Portfolio: Ecova

March 5, 2012 -

Challenge Provide quick technical and production help on miscellaneous Web projects. Approach Projects from Ecova are very well-organized and include detailed creative briefs and access to art libraries, technical specifications, style guides and a Web testing server. This foundation streamlines the production process, and an…

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James L. Turner - Web & Graphic Design - Portfolio

Portfolio: Conserve H2O

April 29, 2008 -

Challenge Working with the Regional Water Providers Consortium, my task was to redesign their existing website, set up an email list program, design quarterly emails and develop a web database application that would calculate site visitors’ water savings. Visitors could return to their profile and…

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James L. Turner - Web & Graphic Design - Portfolio

Portfolio: Nautilus

March 10, 2008 -

Challenge Create a new look reusing existing photographic artwork. Approach I was provided access to the Nautilus corporate photo library and given their style guide. From there I developed a new perspective using their existing artwork, and I introduced a few minor graphic details into…

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James L. Turner - Web & Graphic Design - Portfolio

Portfolio: GE

April 15, 2005 -

Challenge Design a set of posters featuring a new product introduction and solutions for different markets. Approach Making fiber-optic cable an interesting topic can be a difficult task. I added colorful backgrounds and lighting treatments to the product photos to give the posters more energy….

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