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Print Design: (Ads, Conference Programs and Signage)
James L. Turner - Web & Graphic Design - Portfolio - The Eclipse Foundation


  • Client Eclipse Foundation
  • Date 2006/2019
  • Categories Graphic Design
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In 2006, MeetGreen asked me to help one of their clients, the Eclipse Foundation, with a Web site navigation design. This project started out as a quick, simple, straightforward project: build a Web site navigation menu that looked good and was easy for developers and content editors to update.


My design relied mostly on CSS styling and HTML. The absence of traditional Web button graphics provided Eclipse the functionality they required. They were happy with my initial work, and my involvement with Eclipse has expanded over the years.

I’ve worked with Eclipse on multiple conferences, including designing and managing production for printed event materials (program guides, signage, promotional items, etc.), icons, Web banner ads and Web updates. I even spent three days photographing an Eclipse event and posting Web updates on the fly.

Since the Eclipse Foundation has in-house technical production, my services primarily involved art direction and graphic production for their Web sites and print materials. On some occasions I provided a bit of CSS or HTML for their Web file repository. In 2008, I helped with the Web site design for the main Eclipse site, eclipse.org.

Nowadays, I provide the printed conference materials (floorplan maps, signage, and printed programs) for the 3 annual conferences held in North America, France and Germany. Occasionally, I’ll also produce graphics for the websites and other mobile apps.

I’m currently working with the Eclipse Foundation on the 2019 conferences (North America and Europe)

/*And I’m looking forward to continuing this tremendous relationship in 2020. */

Work Involved

  • Various graphics for websites and apps
  • Large format signs and banners
  • Printed agendas and conference programs
  • Print ads
  • Powerpoint slides and templates