Portfolio: Willamette Sailing Club

Website Redesign
James L. Turner Portfolio


  • Client Willamette Sailing Club
  • Date 2009
  • Categories Digital Media Design, Technology Services, Web Production/Coding
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The Willamette Sailing Club Web site was in great need of an overhaul. The existing site had hundreds of pages, with a massive amount of broken links and outdated content.


Initially I worked closely with the client to determine what was important and what could be discarded, dramatically reducing the amount of clutter. Then we organized a sitemap and started the overall redesign. The design I developed resembled the old site but had a much more attractive and organized user interface. The old site had multiple and confusing menus, which I consolidated in the new site. We also implemented Google calendars for online calendar/event management and gave their internal weather station a facelift to match the style of the new site.

Once I transformed the site, I handed it back to the client to update it as needed. Future plans include expanding the sailing class section and adding a photo gallery.